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My daughter, Elizabeth, has numerous medical issues and is developmentally delayed. Since she has entered Opportunities Unlimited I can see a very positive change in her and I attribute it to the compassionate, caring staff and management of her home. My Lizzie can be a challenge, but through the love and care of the staff that helps her, she has come a long way. For that I am very grateful.

 - Sharon G.

I lived with my cousin for seven years and I didnít do much. I stayed in my room and she came to get me for supper. I never went shopping. When she got sick, she asked me to cook and I didnít know anything about this.

I worked with Therese at the Senior Center and she said thereís a bedroom available at her home. My cousin and I went to visit for supper. I went to the agency BBQ and waved my arms because I was free.

Now I can cook, sweep and vacuum, clean the bathroom, go for walks, and go out shopping. My life is a lot different. I can get out now-more than when I lived with my cousin.

I think itís the best thing thatís happened to me! I just love it!

I thank God everyday for Therese for getting me into the group home!

 - Sue Ann H.